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Shiva Mineral Industries and its products are known for their finer quality. We offer extensive range of products such as Raw Gypsum Mineral & Plaster of Paris. We are offering a variety of plasters like sanitary grade plaster, pottery grade plaster, commercial grade plaster, surgical plaster. Our products offer higher strength, whiteness, finesse, purity level and less wastage.

Presently, we are among the topnotch Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers as well as Suppliers in Jammu. Apart from the above, the company also specializes in Agriculture Gypsum and Cement grade gypsum. Our products are extensively used for the purpose of building construction, paving, roofing, and decoration.

Plaster of Paris

We are reckoned among the topmost Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers in Jammu. Our Plaster Of Paris is manufactured from finest gypsum. We keep utmost care to prevent it from all sorts of impurities like iron, hard particles, etc. Our White POP has various other features such as optimum strength, perfect consistency, high absorption, and controlled pore size distribution. read more...

Raw Gypsum

Raw Gypsum is an evaporating mineral most commonly found in layered sedimentary deposits in association with halite, anhydrite, sulfur, calcite and dolomite. It is majorly used as a finish for walls and ceilings. In addition, Raw Gypsum Mineral is utilized in cement industry, paint fillers, fertilizers, and soil conditioners and as a binder in fast dry tennis court clay. read more...

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